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Old prunes in positions of power who hide behind morality trying to justify this are more than likely the same kind who whilst preaching it, frequent the hostess bars on Friday nights to " de stress after all the gambatteru - ing during their working week ". The student would pick up a chick, examine its rear, and toss it into a bin. If ha had kept his trap shut there would have been no problem. Your initial argument did not make any distinction between "private" and "public". You are merely saying, "Well, they have this rule, therefore we can know there is clearly a good reason for this rule, and thus the rule clearly needs to stand.

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This one is also placing itself miles above its students.

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If my high school had had such a ridiculous rule I unfortunately still would have graduated. However, a small proportion of both males and female have relatively small eminences. And other stuff that again, sometimes but not all the time, make think "WTF Japan? All these things can really change the picture of what went down on and the proper level of severity that should of been applied. Martin also wrote how the discipline needed to be a good chick sexer was almost addictive as it required full concentration for hours on end with a steady hand and good eye. The freedom to do what you do with your body in the privacy of your own home outside of school should is surely a human right in any modern developed nation.

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