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I know I have homework! Niggas postin bullientins but nigga I don't read 'em fuck ya free ringtones nigga I don't need em. Inbox, friends, yes, ads, blogs! Oh no, but, she's pretty, ugh, I'm just gonna check one It's like layers and layers and once you start you can't leave it Cause everyone's so pretty and there's a whole lot of cleavage Some girl's just show their booty so you don't even gotta see 'em But that doesn't mean player that you should go out and meet 'em Cause photoshop can be a very misleading tool and when you meet her she's 6"2 and looks like a dude [Chorus: This is your conscience You've been logged in for seven hours It's time to get off Ugh God dammit!

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Niggas postin bullientins but nigga I don't read 'em fuck ya free ringtones nigga I don't need em.

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Fuck Yo Myspace lyrics

Inbox, friends, yes, ads, blogs! Man I did that bitch keep hackin in my shit. This is my last track I found a new reality and I'm never gonna come back [Chorus] Tom! My nigga if you don't change your password. Ay what kinda message is a away message? Man I tried it and I got that same message. The devil is the internet And yes I am convinced of this Ever since I got up on this bitch My fingers won't let me get off of it I thought I had it under control but, no I didn't Now I'm a MySpace basshead and, yes, I'm addicted Don't laugh at it, I'm a crack addict And no doubt my whole camp's at it Such a bad habit I don't even leave the house Goddamn Tom, I used to have a life with a job Now I'm just eating cereal reading what people write in their blogs Checking my comments to see if anyone left one, did they?

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fuck yo myspace lyrics
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    Philip 5 days ago

    what is the issue of media player any body tell me plz

  • admin
    Johan 27 days ago

    Who is she!?!?

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    Ibrahim 13 days ago

    Love her!!!